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Winterstorm Tim Manuel Gerhard Tamara Manuel | Tim | Tamara | Gerhard

Tamara Amedov: Vocals
Manuel Buhl: Guitar
Gerhard Spanner: Drums
Tim Zahn: Bass

VISIONATICA inflame the myth around their new Symphonic Metal jewel with “Enigma Fire”

Led by their singing wolf Tamara Amedov, VISIONATICA entered the first league of Symphonic Metal in 2016. With her fantastic, crystal clear soprano vocals combined with the powerful grooves, melodic guitars and impressive orchestra elements of her companions, this musical pack raised a lot of dust in the scene with their debut “Force Of Luna” and celebrated first successes. The nine songs of the varied album, which has been released through Dr. Music Records, were recorded and produced by Timon Seidl in the Red Audio Studio. For mixing and mastering the musicians from the south of Germany could enchant no less a figure than Gate Studio’s Olaf Reitmeier, who already worked with Metal giants like Avantasia, Kamelot or Epica. VISIONATICA leave nothing to chance and continue their clear musical vision purposefully with the new album “Enigma Fire” and their proven producer team. The second album also marks the beginning of their worldwide collaboration with the renowned Hard Rock and Metal label Frontiers Music Srl (i.a. Whitesnake, Primal Fear, Mr. Big). Not only for fans of bands such as Within Temptation, Nightwish, Delain or Xandria, this band is highly recommended!

With their first video single “She Wolf” VISIONATICA have achieved a real hit, which is still heard umpteen times on Spotify as well as YouTube. Altogether, the top 10 songs reach over a million plays! The fanbase is not just limited to Europe, there are also numerous fans in North and South America, who celebrate Tamara’s outstanding voice as well as her remarkable band around guitarist Manuel Buhl, drummer Gerhard Spanner and bass player Tim Zahn. In 2013, the musicians started to realize their idea of a Symphonic Metal band. They envisioned a sophisticated concept and started the songwriting for their debut. The final result is an extremely melodic, but at the same time, powerful album full of energy in which skilfully composed orchestra sections merge perfectly with virtuoso guitars, driving drums, and the fantastic voice of their classically trained vocalist. With “Force Of Luna” VISIONATICA produced an album that tells stories about wolves, visions, lies, myths and much more. With their hit “She Wolf” and no less powerful songs such as “Certainty Of Benevolence” or the emotional duet “The Thorns” with Winterstorm singer Michael Liewald, they arouse desire for their upcoming second album called “Enigma Fire”.

The new album proves that VISIONATICA are not resting on their first laurels. Bombastic orchestral arrangements paired with the usual hard guitars, in combination with new oriental elements and Balkan influences, create a vast variety during the nine songs. In “Enigma Fire” the lyrics have a different focus than they had on the debut. The opener “The Pharaoh”, which was released as a video single, deals with the secrets of ancient astronauts in relation to old Egyptian relics as well as the mystery about the origin of life. With the third single “Roxana The Great” Tamara continues the series of strong female characters. After “Lilith” on the previous album, this song tells the story of the wife of Alexander the Great of Macedonia. In this way, Tamara Amedov shows a reference to her ethnic origin. In “To The Fallen Roma” she pays tribute to the Sinti and Roma who died in Auschwitz, also to oppose prejudices towards these ethnicities. But not only as a result of these songs “Enigma Fire” were released as a milestone of modern Symphonic Metal, also due to the other new tracks like the second single “Fear”, the belligerent “Dance Of Fire” or the unfinished dream “Incomplete” the enthusiastic fanbase of VISIONATICA will continue to grow worldwide! Not least because the band brings more voices to the album as a contrast to Tamara’s incomparable voice, which clearly lifts “Enigma Fire” up from the debut album. In “Rise From The Ashes” Michael Liewald performs another duet with Tamara. Additionally, her Macedonian relatives provide with their folkloristic chants like in “To The Fallen Roma” that certain something.