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Winterstorm Tim Manuel Gerhard Amara Manuel | Tim | Amara | Gerhard

"The one, who sings with the wolf."

Orphic forests, night, fog, blood moon, one band and one souls mirror.
The she wolf describes not only the totem of front woman Amara, but also the essence and a musical lycanthropy of symphonic metal of this band. Epic orchestra, which kidnapped the soul to elysian places; powerful bass, that roars through the bone; brute guitar sound entraining; punchy rhythms, that tempted to headbang and the crystal-clear voice with classical background, which creeps directly into the heart, makes every listener to a helpless prey.

The symbol wolf describes the concept of power, attraction, mystic and cohesion, which is reflected in ribbon and music. The lyrics deal with fantasy, but mostly of social criticism and psychology. It can be linked with the interesting topic lycanthropy. Everyone has something in himself what he cannot control.

A transformable symphonic metal into something unprecedented, that's the vision of singer Amara, guitarist Manu, bass player Tim and drummer Gerhard.

But caution! They have thereby a she wolf.


With the published debut album "Force Of Luna" on 20 th of May 2016 Visionatica mix the metal scene powerfully on. The soundtrack mature orchestra arrangements, brachial metal riffs and the exceptional soprano voice from Amara are the hallmark of Visionatica.

To the current single out coupling has the young band produced in association with limlights productions their first music video.

In march 2016 the band reached the second place in the scene known "Battle Of The Bands" of the Sonic Seducer magazine. The current single “She Wolf” and the debut album "Force Of Luna" were produced in association with producer Timon Seidl, composer Armin Haas and the renowned Gate Studio, which already worked for metal sizes as Avantasia, Epica, After Forever and Rhapsody.

Visionatcia already shared the stage with bands like Xandria, Serenity, Stratovarius, Orden Ogan, Harpyie and Kambrium.